CronoWatch Week 5

And then there was 1…I threatened to take this B&W TP all they way to the end, and I do have a photo of an empty counter, but I’m so tired of this thing, even my threats aren’t amusing me anymore, so I think this the last one. Maybe next week I’ll start a whole new theme, like Fantasy Island, 2020 Reboot.

By all accounts, things have been getting marginally better — work is mostly more manageable and the kid and I are both still alive and have food. And that is better than a lot of people, especially those in hard hit communities who still have to go to work in essential businesses.

That has been weighing on me just as much as the constant general fatigue. I seem to be one of the lucky ones who can actually sleep, but holy sheep counting, Batman, if I get less than 9 hours, I hit a wall at 3 pm and I’m nearly narcoleptic. And if work doesn’t go crazy, I can manage (and do little else), but I had one really late day last week, and I was dragging my butt for the two days. That can’t be good long-term, I’m guessing. When they start trying to figure out who to lay off after this, my razor sharp career instincts tell me it’s not good to be the one falling asleep on the Zoom calls or the one who can never seem to be able to get her camera working after 3 pm.

I know, I know, princess can’t get her 9 hours, wah, wah. Believe me, I can hardly stand myself.

In other unsettling news, I was able to order wine and the new delivery guy did not suggest I drink tea (see last week’s post for that fun event); so that was good. What was not good was that carrying a box of 8 bottles up 1 flight of stairs winded me. For like 5 minutes, maybe 7. I’m no crazy ass marathoner, but that’s worse than weighing myself or putting on jeans, both of which I refuse to do, cuz that is most definitely not information that will help my mental health.

What is good for my mental health is those 8 bottles, and I’ll be damned if I get too weak to get those puppies in the house, so this week we’re dusting off the hula hoop! If the weather cooperates, and I’m not too tired, and if the annoying urchins behind me aren’t in their back yard kicking the soccer ball around. Then I am most definitely exercising.

Speaking of weather, here in New England it was cold all week, there was a nor’easter, then it snowed, and then it was sunny and 60. Which is to say, thank goodness for typical New England spring weather and that some things haven’t changed during Crona. Also, bitching about spring in New England is a true harbinger of spring.

So I think that’s it for this week. I don’t even have the energy to complain about neighbors or people reading my old blogs or crazy robins — although several of them gave me the stink eye on my walk, but I gave it right back. Damn birds.

Hang in there, and stay tuned for next week, when Tattoo will climb up the tower stairs, ring the bell and say, “De plane, de plane!”





  1. Shout-out from a fellow 9-er! Anything less and NOBODY’S safe.

    Stay well up north. But down here, we’ve opened the beaches…..because China virus, Democrat hoax, Kenyan-born Muslim and missing emails.

    1. I’ve been thinking about you Geo! You were social distancing before it was cool. Always a trend setter! Ha ha! I wasn’t thinking of 9 hours as a public safety thing—thank you for that! Yes, that state that is lucky enough to have you as a resident is cray cray. I hope the loonies stay on the beaches and away from the places you walk! Hang in there!

  2. I’ve spoken to so many people that have commented on their increased sleep recently. There must be some sort of connection with being indoors continually.

    1. Interesting! Maybe the intensity has no place to go except sleep. It’s damn annoying because on the surface of it I’m just sitting on my butt all day. It’s like getting a broken foot and having to tell people you tripped rather than you were defending yourself against wine thieves or some such.

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