Not really blog posts and too short to be essays, these quick pieces will get you in and out in no time. Hope you enjoy them.

Bad Date

So you had a bad date? I’ll tell you what a bad date is.
A 1970s apartment, L walks up the open steps.
Stale smells waft in dim light.
P opens the door.
P can’t stop talking, moving. Nerves or ADHD?
L goes along.
P brandishes his guns.
L is fascinated by this unknown.
Light refreshments are served: Cheetos and chips.
P turns too quickly; L is too close.
A collision, a gash in L’s head, a trip to the ER.
You call it a play date. I call it hell.

All Dried Up

“Memere, there’s your church,” Lucas, age 3, told his grandmother, as we drove by the stone and stained glass windowed building. I smile proudly at my son, even though I am a one-time atheist turned agnostic who finds spirituality in a quiet stand of pines, grass pushing through a cobblestone sidewalk, and other safe places that do not involve human egos.

“Where’s your church?” asked Memere, a devout Catholic and two-time novitiate who reluctantly left the church and mothered four children instead of Jesus.

“My church is all dried up,” said Lucas; Mother and Memere wince. Lucas laughs like a god.

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