Return of the Eagle

My sister and I returned to the house we rented in the spring, the one where we saw the resident eagle go for a swim. I’m not gonna lie–he or she set the bar high, and I had to work really hard to resist the urge to declare the whole trip ruined if we didn’t see some serious eagle action.

I needn’t have worried. I was once again working from the house and was hunkered down in front of the double sliding glass doors that face the pond. An hour or so into my day, I looked up and saw the eagle swoop low passed the doors and by the side of the house and got a great view of its head. Sweet! Then a while later I saw it come back by the same way and got a good eyeful of white tail feathers. I was so happy. And now I had to work doubly hard to not be greedy and want to see more.

Being human is a real drag sometimes.

We saw the eagle a few more times flying high up over the pond. We saw a few turkey buzzards, and a bird we dubbed a UFB: unidentified flying bird. Maybe it was an osprey? Those big birds of prey like to fly high and mess with those of us who are grounded.

We also got an up close treat from a pair of woodpeckers who were making short work of a rotting window frame. So grateful to see them close up and grateful it’s not my house! We did let the owner know the birds were having a serious snack.

The day before we left, I was finally able to take a few hours off of work to sit outside with my sister. I got a fire going in the fire pit and we had what my friend from Brazil calls cafe de tarde (otherwise known as tea time, but cafe de tarde is more fun to say).

We sipped and snacked and watched the sunlight play over the fall foliage ringing the pond. I had accepted that we might not see the eagle again. But then a pair appeared high above us, flying in perfect sync and turning in slow, sure arcs above the pond. It was magnificent.

We’re planning on going back in the spring, so I have 6 months to get my expectations back in line. Good luck to me!

And here are a few pictures of New England loveliness, in the sun and the mist.


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