In the last post I showed you these 2 cute little squashes called jack-be-little from a plant that grew by itself in my garden right up against a tree trunk, which I thought was amazing and kind of random. Here they are.

But I am starting to understand nature is rarely random. It’s more likely I wasn’t paying attention.

I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone from last fall, and came upon this one, which I totally forgot about.

A squirrel had left this in my sweet potato container, which is, as you may have guessed, right next to the tree which sprouted the plant. And that tree is the home of several squirrels as well as a squirrel highway rest area. I don’t know where the squirrel got the jack-be-little, but he/she had clearly done the job of eating it and spreading the seeds around.

Since I got 2 squashes, I decided to put one back in the now empty sweet potato container. Call it an offering to nature herself or a gift to the squirrels so they could reap what they sowed. When I checked on it the next day, it was gone. So that’s that, I thought.

But nature is not so random.

As I made my way down the row of my empty pots, the bright color in this one at the very end caught my eye. A very bright leaf perhaps?

Upon closer inspection…

Nope. Just another half eaten jack-be-little. The squirrels seem to like to use my pots as food savers. And so the circle of life continues. Maybe I’ll get another surprise plant on this end of the garden next year. Sleep well little seeds, and I hope to see you in the spring.


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