Thanks for Sticking Around

This is the time of year when I start looking at my year-end stats. It’s kind of fun to see which posts got the most views — Alpha Flee (from 2016) for the win, for the 1000th year in a row. Apparently, people just cannot get enough of sorority secrets revealed! It’s also fun to see what countries my readers hail from — go Luxemburg! You rock, baby! Since 2014, I’ve published 387 posts, which I’m pretty happy with. I try to post weekly, but this year I only managed 36 posts.

Christ, this is starting to sound like Catholic confession. I’m not saying any Hail Marys, I can tell you that much.

Let’s try that again. This year, despite the fatigue of COVID, humans behaving badly, and other assorted life challenges, I managed to write 36 posts. Woo hoo!

And I want to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who subscribes. Without you, I’m just another person junking up the internet. You make me legit. Thank you for reading and commenting. Thank you to those readers who randomly find a post and like it. I get several a week and it’s like getting fun card in the mail or finding a $1 bill on the street. And mostly just thank you for hanging in there with the sporadic posting. I can’t guarantee I will get better. The Omicron magic 8 ball is pointing to signs that things in general will get worse. But maybe that’s a good thing. More possible posts on things for me to yell at and make fun of.

Here’s to more words in 2022. And hamsters. And more wine. Definitely more wine.

Image credit: Ohh Deer fun sticky note website. Check them out.


  1. But you made it THROUGH 2021! That’s an accomplishment right there.

    I’m trying to make this year the one I appreciate what I’ve got instead of bitch about what I don’t. (But it’s only Day 3. So, no promises.)

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