Release the Gahden!

I have to confess, I’ve been using the phrase (mostly to myself) “Release the Kracken!” thinking I was referring to The Lego Movie. (2014). How I even remember that movie is kind of a miracle — I recall so little these days, and that was 5 years and a pandemic ago, which is like 10 people years. I guess the big reveal at the end of the movie about what the “Kracken” actually is stuck with me — it’s glue! (Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m not going to edit that out.) I see the reference in a lot of other places, but the context seems different, so I Googled it. In what seems a perfect example of the hall of mirrors that is modern digital life, I learned the correct phrase in The Lego Movie is “Release the Kragle!” and that it is a cheeky reference to the original “Release the Kracken” phrase, which is from the 2010 movie Clash of the Titans. I never saw that movie. And, so, many “Release the Kracken” memes later, I’m using it in my blog anyway because I like that scene in The Lego Movie. The titans can go clash elsewhere.

But as usual, I’m wandering around my point, which is that I am taking the gahden up another notch this year and adding more containers and vegetables. Lawd hee-uh owah pray-uh (think Boston accent, Catholic). I’m a little worried because I have no brain cells left post-pandemic, and I haven’t really dealt with how attached I get to my plants. More plants means more research, more worry, more bugs, more bacteria attacks, more squirrel cursing. Especially more squirrel cursing.

But what the hell, right? I decided if I concentrate on the process of gardening and cursing the squirrels and not get attached to the outcome, it should be fun. Or at the very least give me things to post about. Or let me blow off steam yelling at the squirrels. It’s important to set realistic goals.

And don’t worry, the stealth sweet potato plants will also be returning. I just ordered them today, and since the schools were remote for most of the year, my little raised beds (yes, I claim them, youth gardeners be damned) are untouched and waiting for surreptitious planting.

And so I am a clashed titan. A Lego Movie adhesive. A reckless gahdner who just may pull this off. Release the gahden.

Photo credit: Gurney’s Garden Supply, Beauregard sweet potato plants.

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