Did She or Didn’t She?

If you have been following this blog, you know of my Guerilla Gardening. Or you can catch up here or here. I planted sweet potatoes in an abandoned raised bed in a school yard in the spring. Watching over them helped keep me sane during this spring and summer. I was holding out from harvesting, hoping to give them every opportunity to grow in this northern climate. They have a long growing season that favors southern climes. Also I may have been putting off any disappointment.

But this week, the weather app was warning me that the nights were getting cooler. Sweet potatoes are not only frost sensitive, even temps in the mid-40s can ruin them. Saturday night was supposed to get down that low, so Saturday was the day. I rolled the dice and hoped for Vegas odds. Did I win? Watch and see…

As a bonus I collected the leaves on the vine and sautéed them. Not too shabby for a city slickah.


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