Captain’s Log Startdate 2015.8

Well. Here we are. Again. This time it’s George Floyd, but there are countless others. Protesting the unrelenting racism perpetuated by a white supremacy culture. Yes, supremacy is steeped in our white culture. A quote from the link below: “Culture is powerful precisely because it is so present and at the same time so very difficult to name or identify.” You can easily identify the KKK member in a pointy white hat, but what about a culture that supports, things like either/or thinking where only two solutions are offered, or equating the raising of difficult issues with being impolite, rude, or out of line? It’s much trickier to see how we are part of the problem in that context. That term was new to me and this article was very illuminating.

I’m not surprised by the protests, but I am disappointed with myself. I was going to write more social justice posts than last year, and then COVID happened.  I only managed 2 posts. But that’s no excuse. All I can do is acknowledge that I dropped the ball and pick it back up again.

However, I find I have few words. Or at least none that make much sense. But you know what? That’s better because we white people get enough airtime. Instead, I offer you two other articles I found useful. There are 1,000s out there right now. It doesn’t matter much where you start, just read something from a person of color’s point of view or about how to not suck so much as a white person.

Where’d All the Woke White People Come From?

How White Women Can Use Their Privilege to End Racism




  1. Hi San,
    When the comfortable become comfortable with the greatest and ever growing income and wealth inequality since the Great Depression of 1930. When they become comfortable with 28 million fellow-citizens being excluded from healthcare because they cannot afford the insurance premiums, when they become comfortable with 47 million living in poverty and become comfortable with over half a million Americans being homeless , continue to become comfortable with the drug addiction and mental illness among the homeless and the poor and next leave it up to the police to address those problems, who in turn, in a most calloused way, sees incarceration in privately-owned for-profit prisons as the solution, then you have to realize that at some point a mass reaction becomes inevitable! Writing or talking about conditions as mentioned here above has usually been discouraged and branded as being “negative.” It is much more positive to talk instead about the funny and pleasant things in American life, not noticing that the country is burning, which by the way also leaves one uninformed when it comes to political solutions!
    The best, Dad

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