CronaWatch 2020 Week 7

What a week, huh? Same as it ever was, but not, right? (Apologies to David Byrne). I only have two photos for you.

This one made me laugh. Many years ago, when I was in middle school, a certain popular movie came out that gave my friends and enemies fodder for making fun of me (as if there weren’t enough already). “Look at me, I’m Sandra D(ee), lousy with virginity.” Oh, boy. It eventually died down in high school, but when I went to college, a whole bunch of people could not resist the “novelty” of it. Great.

I eventually came to embrace it. Enough so that when I got my wine delivery this week, it made me chuckle — Sandra D is all grown up and drinking her wine:


Around mid-week, I remembered that it was near the end of April. This all by itself was an amazing accomplishment. But even more so, I remembered my hummingbird feeder. I Googled “when can you put out a hummingbird feeder,” and guess what? It’s now! The delightful tiny birds are, as we speak, flying north, right to my hummingbird feeder. They don’t care about Crona or quarantine or physical distancing.

And I say amen to that. The feeder is open for business.


Now I just have to get flowers they like for my planters. But let’s jump off one bridge at a time, shall we?

Hang in there everyone!


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