The Garden Giveth and Taketh Away

You may recall I planted a little container garden this summer, despite the fact that I lose most of it to pestilence and blight by early August. Yet, I continue to persevere or bang my head against a hoe, whoever you’d like to see it. The great news is that the tomato plant in a pot in the back yard really thrived. It’s been the best crop I’ve had since I started this something like 18 years ago. Here’s the Sun Gold being a wild thing:

sun gold

I had to use a garden chair to keep it propped up it’s so top heavy and exuberant!

The pepper plant was being a tease and took a really, really long time to get flowers and produce a pepper. Now that it’s September, it’s starting to flower and produce more peppers. I don’t know enough about peppers to know if this is common pepper plant timing or if I just got a diva plant this year. Uh, good luck little princess and knock yourself out with beautiful little peppers until it gets cold.


Gorgeous, right?

Like the Force prefers balance, so does nature, so on the other side, we’ve got the sweet potato plant, aka Squirrel Play Land:


The little bastahds ripped out the roots and nibbled the stems. I tried spraying vinegar and then mint around the basket. Urban squirrels think that’s a hoot. Maybe I should have tried a cannabis blend, but then wouldn’t they just get the munchies? So I gave up and let them dig. I do have a sweet potato secret weapon I will recount in a future post, so stay tuned!

And finally the Black Cherry tomato plant is a battle between me and the squirrels, who enjoy taunting me by delicately hollowing out the tomatoes and leaving the shell behind, like some sort of symbol for my gardening skills…


This is simply a race for who can gather the most green tomatoes first and either let them ripen in the kitchen or get hollowed out and left in plain view like a big squirrel ef you.

The game is on little squirrel punk. You got the sweet potatoes, but I’m not giving up the Black Cherry tomatoes without a fight…come at me bro.


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