Hamphrey the Hamster Snoring

So I may have reached  a new low, had a stroke of brilliance, or just unadulterated desperation. Or all three. Work was so very busy this week; it ate my brain and gave me a touch of tendonitis, so even if I were able to think through the blog ideas I have, I couldn’t type them. So while I was panicking about what the heck I was going to post, our hamster, Hamphrey, started snoring. And it is reeeeallly cute. Of course I ran to his cage like someone possessed, pressed my iPhone to it like the paparazzi, and recorded his sound and, well, a visual of my lamp, which is across the room from his cage. I forgot to put the camera in selfie mode, but it wouldn’t have mattered. He was in his house. So instead you get to see my house. Hey, I pledged to post every week, I didn’t promise it would be any good.

So here’s hoping this little guy can save me this week. If you don’t like it, go find a cat video. Or, you can also read about his adventures in my previous post about him.



Yes, and obviously I have no idea of how to size this thing, but it’s cute! He’s a hamster! He’s snoring! Pay no attention to tendonitis girl over there.


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