It’s a Hamster Week

I was out camping on the Saco River, which means I did not have time to experience the pleasure of writing a blog for you. I did have an amazing time watching the river and trees and seeing tons of my favorite bird, which I call the Butt Bobbler because it bobs its butt while it walks. It’s the funniest/cutest thing that just does not get old (it’s useful to be easily amused). It’s in the piper family, and I can never remember its official name because, let’s face it, Butt Bobbler is waaaaay better. I also came back to the launch point, and discovered that some asshat put one of those Biden stickers on my car pointing to my gas tank door. Yes, I have a Biden/Harris bumper sticker, and I’ll thank you to keep your asshat hands off my car. Especially when we always carry out other people’s trash from the wilderness site located in your town, Fryeburg, Maine. I’m super glad you got out of the house and got a break from Fox news, but why don’t you find something better to do with your free time, like paddle on your river. Just an idea.

Anywho, we don’t need to think about asshats. We can think about Butt Bobblers and the every cute hamsters. Have a good week everyone.



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