Because Hamsters

I’m still not quite ready for the world and have been spending a lot of time in nature. Nature doesn’t really give a flip about human shenanigans or me, and I’m kind of digging that right now. However, it doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be hamsters. Because when everything is going to hell in a hand basket, there should always be hamsters. When you’re feeling cooped up, don’t forget to put your cute pink paws forward.

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  1. HiSan,
    Life is a mysterious evolutionary process and we are very much a part of that process called Nature. What makes us mistakenly feeling separate from Nature, is the greatest mystery in the universe: human consciousness.
    The best neurobiologists have admitted having no clue about how human consciousness arises from a physical process in the human brain.
    It is this consciousness that creates the sense of individuality, which comes along with conflicts as part of different conditionings. We experience feelings of pain but also pleasure and joy.
    Most of our lives are lived in individual terms unaware of Life itself. We even see the source of the universe as an all-powerful MALE individual, which by the way, would cause one to have some doubt about the reality of that belief!
    We seem to have trouble with mysteries. The arrogant human mind needs to have explanations and when there aren’t any, it concocts them!
    The little hamster, not having self-consciousness like us and not having a belief system, lives in the now as directed by Life’s intelligence. It takes things as they come, which makes it attractive to us.

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