Guerrilla Sweet Potatoes: Deployed

Over two weekends featuring classic New England weather — Memorial Day Weekend, which was raw, 50 degrees, and pouring rain, and the following weekend, which was humid and in the 90s — I deployed the guerrilla sweet potatoes. The first weekend I was actually stealth camping. If I tell you where, I’d have to kill you. My friend had made his own boat and we paddled it to the spot, pulled it up out of sight, and commenced bushwacking a space for a tent and cooking. In the pouring rain. I felt pretty badass, I have to say.

But even better than that was that Becky, giver of tomato plants and supporter of guerrilla gardening, suggested I plant some of my sweet potatoes at the site.


I was too busy the first day to plant. The second day, it was merely cloudy, so it actually felt like sun compared to the day before. I cleared a 2-foot-square area and planted 2 sweet potatoes. We’ll be back at the spot soon, and we’ll see how they do.

Guerrilla gardening part 2 was back at the abandoned raised beds next to the school. Another year the kids were not there, but I like to think I’m helping keep the beds active while they are gone. It wasn’t as hard to dig up the beds as it was the first year, but it was fascinating how many plants had appeared from the time I harvested the sweet potatoes near the end of September and now. Take a look at this wild thang. Talk about a plant sprint to the end of the season. I guess it’s really true nature abhors a vacuum as much as I abhor vacuuming.

With relative ease, I pulled it all out so it looked more like this. Last summer it was more like hacking away at granite.

One plot still has some flowers that have survived, so I am letting them be. The other plot has some rosemary that I left — same deal. They certainly have earned it surviving at least 2 winters and possibly more.

The potato plants have been sitting in water for several weeks, so they don’t look quite as half dead and forlorn as when I got them, but there is big range of leafage on them. I remember from last year that it can take a while for them to get going, no matter how big or small the leaves are.

Does size truly matter? We shall see.


  1. Well, I definitely did not have “escapes to uncharted territory in a hand-built boat to set up a survivalist sweet potato homestead” on my Sandy Blog Bingo Card.

  2. I just literally laughed out loud, so thank you for that much needed Monday morning belly laugh. And I was sober the whole time, so there really no chance for you to get it on a technicality like “Drunken escapades.” I’m telling you, post-COVID recovery is getting weird! Thanks for reading and commenting Geo!

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