Random Picture Roundup

I haven’t done one of these in while, because, well, I don’t really go anywhere, and I rarely come upon random things in my apartment. Note that I said rarely.

Last week, I had a little visiter, every day at my computer for nearly the whole week. On day 2, I named him Fred. Other than having to shoo him away from my tea, Fred was decent company. Quiet, stuck close, but wasn’t suffocating, good listener. My own personal COVID madness or a cute little ant? You decide.

And next we have the first harvest of the season, lettuce! If I knew how easy it was, I would have done this years ago. You buy the plants when they are a few inches high, plant them and then in several weeks you pick the 4 inch outer leaves off and eat them! OK, you could probably let them get a little bigger, but where’s the fun in that? According to the YouTube video I watched, they should keep giving me lettuce all season. Although the lady in the video was a little over the top with layering the leaves with paper towels in a glass dish to keep them longer. How about just pick and eat? And the squirrels don’t seem terribly interested in it. You gotta love urban wildlife; they prefer leftover take out from the trash.

And the final entry, I saw this on one of my walks in the Blue Hills. It’s a perfect capsule of life. When it comes right down to it, front and center is the simple circle of life. New life springs from death. And also, there is a lot of white noise in the background — a dirt path taken or not taken, lots of trees standing around, sometimes helping you, sometimes standing in your way. You can meander off the path or stick to it like a flotation device on the high seas. I’m an English major, so I could describe the symbolism all day. But I’ll let you off the hook. When all is said and done, life is a little green plant poking its head out from under a rotting log. Or a little ant visiting your laptop.

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  1. I remember seeing, will always remember seeing, a squirrel perched on a park trash can, sucking up a string of spaghetti. Lettuce seems saf e and looks good. I like the “small life” and “small leaf” motif!

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