An Egg of Lard

I saw one of this guy’s videos on Twitter; he uses recipes from the past that should definitely stay in the past. I watched it multiple times and laughed harder every time — mostly because it took me that long catch all of the jokes. Lordy, those fast video cuts — yes, I know, I ain’t no social media spring chicken. But I forgive this young one, because he cracked me up. I sent it to a few people, but mostly they were grossed out about the actual recipe. I humbly submit, it’s not about the food. No one needs to know how to make a pie with soured milk. Maybe it’s just that his snarky wit speaks to me, maybe it’s that the pandemic makes anything ridiculous funny, or maybe it’s that in my head, I often yell at the recipes, and now I know I can do it out loud. Also, his hair is fabulous. Thank you, Dylan, and please do not summon the ghost of Richard Nixon.


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