Star Sand

I feel like all I’ve been doing for the past several weeks is writing about outside reality, and I really prefer to entertain you all with my little world and all my foibles, grudges, and quirks. Outside reality is seriously underrated. My little life is way funnier, well it used to be.

But I have to say one more downer thing before I say something kinda cute. Remember the spring? Remember all my CronaWatch blog posts? Where we were drowning in COVID patients? Well, we’re getting there again. And yes, the rest of the country has been on fire for quite awhile, but that’s what happens when mask wearing is left up to the states and hanging out in bars and having giant motorcycle rallies is considered an OK thing to do. Here in MA we opened up businesses too, and now our numbers are rising, not just the little White Mountains slope, but that steeper Rocky Mountains slope. The hospital where I work in communications has just started up its incident command structure, which we were able to stop in the summer. The shit is hitting it people, again, and I have one ask of you. Please do not travel for the holidays. Don’t do it for granny, or your cousin with asthma, or your uncle undergoing cancer treatment. Do it for me. Did I mention I worked like 40 days straight in March and April? I barely survived being a witness to the sacrifice of the hospital workers caring for patients and comforting the dying the first time around. I seriously cannot do it again. Also, those people are tired, just so you know. But no one likes a complainer, including me, so instead I’ll leave you with this entry I came across in my journal from a number of years ago. The kid was about 3 1/2 at the time, and we lived near the beach.

The kid grabbed 2 fistfuls of sand and launched them skyward, liberating a thousand airborne satellites from the clumps. “Star sand!” he cried, full of pleasure and the discovery that his tiny hands and body could change the world so. How easy to name a thing you know.

Star sand. My writer’s mind caught and cradled the words. I was filled with the pleasure of hearing a phrase that can change the world. I know how hard it is to name a thing you know.


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