Friluftsliving the Hell Out of Fall

I stole that phrase from my friend George — thanks Geo! Sorry I missed posting last week, but I was canoe camping on the Saco River, which was really restorative. I’ve begun clinging to nature like one of two people in the perfect fit of a dysfunctional relationship. But I’m the only dysfunctional one. Nature’s like, meh, whatever lady. I can’t wait to freeze your frilufts off. She knows how to keep me on the line.

In any event you get to see the pics of my dysfunction. Or the frilufts of my labor? How many ways can I misuse that fantastic word before it becomes annoying?

We saw a bald eagle, a beaver motor boating with his massive tail, and I’m pretty sure a coyote walked through the campsite on a tarp at night. While falling acorns make considerable missles, they do not make a steady rhythmic trotting sound on tarp — tap, tap, tap, tap. Also, they don’t howl uncomfortable close when you are peeing in the woods behind the tent several minutes before getting back in the tent and then hearing tap, tap, tap, tap.

I did manage to capture this gorgeous bird. I think it’s in the piper family, and I settled on greater yellowlegs, because “lesser yellowlegs” did not match how awesome this bird is.

And here are pics of nature doing her fall thing.

The Hemlock Covered Bridge near Fryeburg, ME.

Misty morning. It may or may not have been about 35 degrees F.

On the river.

The canal from the Saco to Lovewell Pond. I believe that’s the Presidential Range in the distance, but I’m notoriously bad at mountain naming. Unless it’s an 80 degree summer day and one mountain is socked in with clouds and people coming down it say it’s snowing up top. That will always be Mount Washington.


    1. I forgot to add that we more often see the spotted sandpiper, who is smaller and bobs his/her butt in the funniest way. We didn’t see any this trip, but they do migrate, so maybe they are already gone.

  1. What a wonderful experience to follow along your nature serendipity itinerary, and I laughed full-on out loud at your relationship with Nature. That’s a keeper!

    Gorgeous shots.

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