Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

I went off to Cape Cod this week, since it was easier than trying to navigate the COVID rules of nearby states. It’s great, even with a tropical storm heading our way. What’s a little wind among friends? There’s a beach across the street and I have to say people are a little too close for my comfort and there are no masks in sight near the beach. To be fair, they are wearing them in the restaurant next to my condo, but WHY ARE YOU EATING AT A RESTAURANT?

I’m taking a deep breath.

As a friend of mine says, when she and her husband travel, “We could be in Italy, but we’re still us.” Meaning they still fight about silly things.

So, I’m on vacation, but I’m still me. Administrator at a hospital during the spring surge, witnessing the sacrifice. So yeah, I’m a maskhole, and go to the beach wearing my mask, swim without it and then put it back on and leave. I’m wearing it like a badge. In the water I can let go a little and relax. But COVID doesn’t take vacations. I brought food to make in my rented condo, but yesterday I was happy to find a restaurant that lets you order online, and then they bring the food to your car. That is a protocol I can get behind.

So I’m relaxing a little, but still being me. I know that maskhole usually refers to a person who doesn’t wear a mask, but here in Massachusetts we are wearing them. These folks on vacation know better, so me wearing one is an uncomfortable reminder that we’re not out of this yet. I’m the maskhole poking at their false sense of security. And it turns out, I kinda like being a maskhole.

Stay safe everyone. COVID is that crazy ex who you just can’t avoid or get rid of.


      1. Right back atcha, Musie. You’re one of the sharpest, most insightful people I’ve known.

        Stay well and enjoy every minute of your great escape.

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