Captain’s Log: Stardate 2058.7

I’m hoping Bones on Star Trek and all the other doctors in the Federation universe already knew this stuff.

Medical Student Creates Booklet to Teach Doctors How to Catch Symptoms of Illness on Dark Skin. 

“Malone Mukwende (above), a second-year student at St George’s, University of London, created the “Mind the Gap” booklet to help doctors learn how to spot and analyze certain conditions on dark skin.” — Atlanta Black Star

I know, I know. He looks 12. But I work in a hospital. Believe me all the med students/residents look like that.

For me this is why confronting all the aspects of systemic racism can feel overwhelming. It’s everywhere, in every crack and crevice. It starts with “flesh” colored Band Aids (if you’re white) and frolics about until you are dismissing a rash on a Black person because it isn’t red on white people like you were taught. But a lot of things in life are overwhelming. To mix all the metaphors, we just put on our big girl panties, take one step at a time, and don’t jump off the bridge until you get to it. Kidding, please don’t jump off the bridge. Just wade into the river from the side, silly.

Photo credit: Atlanta Black Star/St. George’s, University of London



  1. Love it. Excellent post!

    Wade right into it, especially when Moses drops his hands so to speak and the water comes tsunami-ing down. Especially then. “Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it.” LOL recently attributed to James Lane Allen, though as T.S. Eliot expressed, “Good poets borrow, and great poets steal.” as, that was expressed by Aristotle who I bet copped it from an Ancient Egyptian via Herodotus… via “The English Patient”… because Aristotle came before the English Patient. lol. I think I just invented a new word. Maybe it will catch on… Plagiarism. I get it. You’ve probably never heard of it because I invented it in a neology sketch problem exercise. 😉 And, then there’s T.S. Eliot stealing that quote from me more than 100 years before I was born. You really have to watch out for people, huh? 😉

    We are a people on this earth. Everyone is good at something, so sidestepping those who are just good at being dicks, this isn’t, “let’s get along.” This is let’s ADAPT and thrive… TOGETHER… well, with some (people being dicks) culling being chaff that falls from wheat in the wind… snakes, our skins shedded, our snakes not missed as we molt through our transformation… WOW, look at all these refreshed colors. Forgetting is for getting. Makes more room for the good stuff.

    I will agree when the small order of my perspective has begun to be implemented. We can do this people. The world’s ALWAYS been about to end. Can we do it with style and quality? 🙂

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