CronaWatch 2020 Week 2

And then there were 4…just kidding, I got TP! Hey, hope you are all good. I’m OK, just still working my ass off, which is better than the alternative, right? I’ve been collecting these random funny things to share with you all week, and now I don’t have time to write them. WTF? Real quick, I did get TP, so you can stop worrying. Thank you for the multiple offers I received and for the gift left on my doorstop! Also, one of my followers was so bored he/she went back and read and liked an old post. Thank you, and please dear god, get a life. Although, it’s good to know once you run out of Netflix shows, you can still find stuff to read here, right? Or you can get a life. Stay well all!


  1. “ Thank you, and please dear god, get a life.” makes my day! 😂

    I’ve been back in the emergency world for 2’weeks. Finally had the weekend off. Suddenly I’m all about PPE – afain! sheesh, where’s Bob when we need him?

    Kid at the next desk from me is starting a new job at mgh communications. Kevin Crookes. I told him to watch for you. I really like him. My gaydar kept saying yes but I had metrosexual confusion syndrome. Then someone else told me and the light bulb went off. But I think he may be one of those so “comfortable “ that he doesn’t “label” himself. For fucks sake! Anyway you’ll enjoy him.

    Love you madly. Thanks for working so hard.

    Xo b


    1. I have been totally thinking about you and PPE, which I realize isn’t exactly a compliment, but you know I love you for more than your access to command centers. Your my sister in disasterhood! Where the hell is Bob?? Holy crap, poor Kevin! I see he’s in the Cancer Center. I’m not really my best self right now, so let’s I hope I meet him post-COVID. Christ, these damn kids and their fluidity! Well, if he wants my attention he’s gonna have to go gay, not gonna lie. Ha ha! Hey, maybe we can get a little PPE side business going? You got any extra?? Love you madly back, and thank you for helping keep us safe!

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