These Words Are for You Mrs. G

I have always been strangely cautious about adding new shows to my rotation, which was a weird enough habit, even before the ubiquity of Netflix and binge-watching. If I struggled to add one hour of a new show to my weekly schedule of TV watching before 2013, what hope could Netflix possibly have to make me watch 12 or 20 hours all at once? 
Pretty much none. I still don’t binge, because I can’t stay awake long enough, but more power to you if you can. 
But I’m not a complete streaming show neanderthal. I know what I like and what I don’t, so if I hear enough chatter and buzz that seems interesting, I’ll give it a try.
Enter Schitt’s Creek.
A friend kept singing its praises, so I cautiously added it to my Netflix list. But that’s really only the beginning of my Harvard-like application process. And I might even be tougher than Harvard, which has a 5% acceptance rate. I add maybe 3 new shows a year, more if it’s a Star Trek year. Yes, because I’m not odd enough, the non-gory/horror  sci fi shows go to the front of the line — which pretty much means Star Trek. (Love you, Picard and Discovery!)
But just because I add you to my list list doesn’t mean I’m gonna watch you. As we say here in Boston — no suh.
I’ll be sitting at home, not in the mood for my usual shows, and I may take a glance at my list. If I do, I’m still a princess and the pea. What if it’s too intense, too serious, too average, too TV show like? Then I will have wasted anywhere from 21 to 46 minutes of my life, and I just don’t have it to waste. People, I ain’t getting any younger. I’d rather dither on my email and not be disappointed. Humor can be a fickle thing. I started watching Dead to Me based on its previews of being darkly funny. Turns out it after about 5 minutes of funny, it was mostly dark. No thanks, I have my fill of that in every day life under the Cheeto flea.
I revisited my Netflix list several times eyeing Schitt’s Creek, and kept passing. But the buzz persisted, and finally I was in the mood for something new, even if didn’t like it. I watched it and fell in love.
It didn’t hurt that I am old enough to know Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy from the heyday of Second City TV, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind. And Eugene’s equally funny children are on it too. Jackpot.
So, as per usual, I am lapping up the show years after everyone else has seen it, and making a nuisance of myself, asking everyone I know, “Have you seen Schitt’s Creek?” and they are like, um, yeah, like 2 years ago. Whatever.
I’m the Harvard of show watchers!
If you are even more exclusive than I am about your viewing, here is the 10 cent tour, from CNN: “If you’re not familiar with the show (perhaps you were put off by the name), it’s a classic fish-out-of-water sitcom, which the wealthy Rose family suddenly loses their fortune and home, and has no choice but to relocate to their only remaining asset: a rural town called Schitt’s Creek, which the family purchased as a joke in 1991.”
In season 5, the family matriarch, Moira’s vocabulary went into overdrive, and I was looking up 1 or 2 words an episode. This is a writer’s fantasy, that and having someone support us financially while we write our hearts out. I started to collect these delicious words and a friend mentioned that my beloved high school English teacher, who taught me everything I know about writing worth knowing, Mrs. Gerzanick, would be proud. I tried to find out why or where the writers were getting these words delivered in her strange but fetching pseudo theater stage affectation. I couldn’t find the reason, but I can give you this non-comprehensive, but delightful list. More than a funny character’s quirk, it shows the richness of our language that most of us never use.
Peregrination – a long wandering journey

Pettifoggory – to bicker over trivial manners (my all-time fav)

Prick of a prestidigitator –  a magician, sleight of hand (so fab!)

Bombilating  – to make a buzzing noise

Spanandry  – lack of men in a geographic area (could come in handy)

Dewdropper – person who sleeps all day (my college age kid)

Frippet – pretty, frivolous young woman

Glee-ridden- happy

Confabulate – speak informally

Unasonous – characterized by equal stupidity (so handy!)

Callipygian – having well-shaped buttocks (that’s just amazing. Do we have similar words for other body parts? Inquiring minds want to know!)

Heuristic  – allowing a person to learn for themselves

Balatron – buffoon

Habilimented – dresses in especially fine attire

I encourage you to find ways to use them all. I will certainly be studying the list to distract me from the sad reality that season 6 will be that last. Mrs. G would indeed be proud. 


  1. OMG. Chris and just started Schitts Creek only on season 2. So you are not the only streaming Luddite (hope I am using that word correctly 😀)

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