Top 5 Posts from 2019

Well, looks like we made through this year. Whew. Thank you to everyone who follows and reads my blogs. I am always amazed that sometimes ones I really like get a few comments, and others that I toss off in a low grade panic on Sunday night resonate with views and comments and likes. You people are strange, and I love you for it.

I hope to continue to bring you some laughs, or get you thinking. And if I’m on my game, I can sometimes do both. Here are the top 5 blogs from 2019.

5. Take Me to the River I certainly have a knack for turning a blog about a quiet canoe camping trip on the beautiful Saco River into an elaborate complaint about my headaches. At least the pictures are nice, so you get something positive out of it. And I’ve been more vigilant about not letting that back muscle bunch up and use my skull for a winch. Now I just have to remember that.

4. Landman Coming In  Something about watching my parents get older seems to make me nostalgic. I wrote about Pepere Camp, my grandparents’ little cottage, a number of times this year. Writing about my mom who has Alzheimer’s is hard, but I got to see the funny and talented David Sedaris tackle the topic of aging parents when he came to Boston this spring. He made me laugh and gave me hope, which is good because I’m going to need it. My mom is still watching her window for who’s coming and going.

3. Northern Exposure: Same as It Ever Was I rewatched this great TV from the 90s and it held up remarkably well, hairdos and clothes aside. It’s still a really great show that deals with many of the thorny topics we are still wrestling with — race, gender, politics. Even though I wrote this post nearly a year ago, there is no news on when it might be streamed. So if you want to see it, you’re going to have to go old school and borrow the DVDs from the library. Consider it a radical act of supporting libraries and sticking it to the Streaming Man.

2. Love My Girls  No explanation needed. Friendship rocks, as do ball park beers and hotdogs.

  1. Grudge Worthy   Wow, you guys sure liked me holding grudges, and some encouraged me to hold more. My brother wrote an amazing response in the comment section that you should check out. I was going to make it its own blog post, but other things kept popping up. I hope he doesn’t hold a grudge about it.

That’s it, my chickadees. Happy New Year, and let’s hang in there together and see what 2020 brings.

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