Random Photos — Again

Aren’t you all lucky? Sometimes words are too much, so you get to see the inside my structurally dubious brain as I wander around my city or on the road.

Me Being Dense

First up, this little gem. I was at this stop light and the first thing I thought was: Why is there email if I take a left? Whose email? Mine? The town’s? Is it indicating there is  computer down that street? That’s weird, why would anybody have a sign for that…ooooooh.

It’s a sign for the post office, silly. Still, I wonder if anyone under the age of 25 would understand the sign any better than me? Maybe add the words Post Office for those of us of the less swift inclination?


Me Being Nerdy

I kid you not, I walked by this and thought, “Looks like Scotty left the door open when he went in search of the extra dilithium crystals.” Scotty! Check the Dohlman of Elas’s neck! I’m nerdy and proud–deal with it.


Me Being Appreciative

And sometimes, I’m just a regular person who looks up at the right time from my busy little life and goes, “Oooooh!”


Have a great week, everyone!


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