Enjoying the Last Bits of Summah

Fall equinox, blah, blah, blah, first day of fall … la la la … I can’t hear you. It was sunny and in the 80s on Sunday, and so I went for a walk to the pond near my house to enjoy the peaceful natural setting and stick my tongue out at fall.

It was a busy week, so I don’t have too many words for you today, but I got pitchahs. Enjoy!





Swans and turtles and boats, oh my!


Peek a view.



The water looks inviting, doesn’t it?


It was perfect.

It’s supposed to be warm in Boston most of this week, so enjoy it. You still have plenty of time to pick apples, peep at some leaves, and carve a pumpkin, and you have all damn winter to wear a sweater. I’m hanging on to summah.

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