Phone Envy

Phone envy? Not. All I got for you this week is a photo I took a few weeks ago on the train. I guess I’ve accepted that most people are buried in their phones on the train. Except for me, of course. I’m a superior being who looks around or reconstructs the night before in my head, or exploring the notion of a power nap. If I am looking at my phone, it’s to read some very important book or article. It’s rarely, if ever, to read cheesy summer romances. It’s all on the up and up, I swear.

Anywho, as I was looking around in my superior way, I saw this guy.

No, it’s not the manspreading — it was later at  night on the train, so knock yourself out, I say. No, it’s the two phones. He has two phones. What the hell? Then I spent the rest of the trip watching him closely. Was he listening to music on one? Texting with the other? He seemed to be making use of both of them, alternating touching each screen and more frequently than changing a song, unless he was only listening to 5 seconds of each one, which, hey maybe he was. If you need two phones, that’s probably one reason why.

I was flabbergasted. I was gobsmacked. Flummoxed. Thunderstruck. So much so, I was able to use all my favorite words.

Seriously, what the ever living you-know-what??

So, I’m mystified to this day. I was worried it was a trend, but so far he’s the only one I have seen doing double duty. Now when I look around, I’m just grateful people are buried in one phone. And for that intellectually stimulating article on my phone.

Cartoon credit: Raymond’s Brain


  1. I’m a 2 phoner and 2 Facebooker, but I ain’t no 2 timer. I also couldn’t tap on both with both hands like the Spreader.

    1. LOL! But as I recall one is a work phone and one is your personal phone. Do you really look at them both at the same time? Fascinating!

  2. LOL I have two phones. One is a REAL phone. I can make phone calls, text, etc. That’s the one with the phone bill. The other…is my “fun phone.” I can’t make phone calls on it. My hubby got it on an online auction. I use it strictly for the camera. I don’t want the hassle of converting all of my info onto a “new to me,” used phone…so I sometimes carry them both. (Hubby originally got it for himself so he could play Pokemon on it without using up his data plan on his “real” phone.)

    1. So interesting! 🙂 I’m officially calling it — it’s a thing! Maybe he was taking pictures of me watching him use two phones. Out there is another blog called “Phone Envy” about how a woman was staring him down on a train, coveting his phones!

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