Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

I was struggling to write a post this week; I was torn between two topics. Going for the laugh and making fun of the fashion resurgence of jump suits, also called, lord help us, jumpers. Can these things just go away forever? You cannot easily go to the loo in this clothing mishappery, so that should automatically strike it from every designers’ drawing board. Forever. Which was a funny idea, until it then meant I was going to completely ignore the Cheeto flea’s tweets declaring transgender folks need not apply for military work.

And as my brain was swirling around, I came across this perfect piece by humor writer Aprill Brandon in the Boston Globe Magazine on Sunday, “Dark Humor About Politics Is Everywhere, But It Hurts to Laugh.” With this tagline: A “snowflake” laments politics unusual as it continues to unfold in Washington. Writes Brandon:

“I have spent over a decade shoving all my anxiety down my computer’s throat and am the happier for it. Instead of pills, I have boob jokes.

But then came 2016.

Followed by the first half of 2017.

And it is becoming harder and harder to find the humor in anything. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Oh, just the Evil League of Evil taking control of our government! Ha! Ha!”

Yes, exactly. She said it better than I could have so please read on for her take.

Thanks Aprill, you took the words right out of my mouth, and that’s no meatloaf.


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  1. Hi San, 8-6-‘17

    April Brandon is well informed and as such realizes the overwhelming predicament this country is in. It took a scurrilous buffoon to bring this home.
    However a general decline has been in the making for a few decades, pretty much ignored by most, including the well-educated!
    Even during the “bipartisan” Obama administration the US Senate and the House got lost to the Republicans along with 12 governorships and a thousand or so seats in the national state legislatures. Not exactly an “accomplishment” to brag about!
    His Affordable Care Act so highly praised by much of the so-called liberal establishment has left 28 million American without healthcare insurance all along. (A condition not accepted in all other major countries!) There were mellifluous speeches about “hope and change’ while at the same time social and economic inequality kept growing at an alarming pace!
    In contrast to the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, saying: “I welcome their hatred” in response to the Wall Street’s vicious reaction to his social agenda to overcome the Great Depression of 1929, Obama in contrast said to the too-big to fail banks and corporations who screwed the economy in 2008: “How can I help?”
    Right now after the collapse of the utterly phony Republican “Better Care Reconciliation Act,”
    where is the Democratic all-out fight for a Single Payer healthcare system? This is the only answer to this country’s healthcare fiasco, favored by almost 60 percent of the country and it was one of Bernie Sanders’ main issues! It never was for Hillary, nor Obama! And therein for the greatest part lies the state of affairs that has changed this country into a ridiculous, political banana republic sliding into a deep decline.


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