It’s Personal

I’ve been struggling, I admit it. I have a bunch of posts in mid-creation that are unrelated to the current shitstorm. Posting them and avoiding the shitstorm feels like a cop-out, if that’s a term people younger than age 40 know; yet, addressing the ongoing nonsense means I need to find humor in it, and that has a been a stretch, even for my  comedic prowess. This shit ain’t funny, at least not to me, not yet.

My dear friend Mike told me I can just be honest and post what I need to post. So, rather than wrestle with the words floating around on my computer, I will say this:

I had a weekend of human connectivity. Imagine…humans…connecting! It’s batshit crazy, I tell you! Saturday I had tea and sweets at Becky’s and Susan’s house, and yes, there was post-election talk, but also simple gifts and life experiences exchanged. And also, their cat Chai made an appearance, sniffed at me, and made it clear that human worries are soooo 2015. She might be on to something.

Then Sunday, I took a Boston Harbor boat ride with Mike, his parents who are in their 80s, and our friend Jeff. Dubbed Cookies and Carols Cruise, it featured everything great about the season–friends, cookies, music, a bar, and getting to see Boston twinkling at night for one and a half hours. More human connection, go figure. I chatted with Mike’s parents who I never met before and who are absolutely adorable. What a treat to ask about their lives and live in their world for a while. It also didn’t hurt that the bartender came around to refill my drink. This is what life is really about, people.

Before this weekend, I was on the verge of taking an internet hiatus. Not from posting mind you, that keeps me sane, but from seeking out information. I’ve decided that I can find out important things from my friends and from the groups I’ve chosen to give my time and money to. I don’t really need everybody’s opinion about everything all the time. More importantly, I may not survive everybody’s opinion. I’m actually pretty happy with my own ideas about shit, thanks, but I’ll let you know if I need more info. And catching up with friends and the people they care about helped seal the deal. At some point, I will make this crap funny, I promise. It’s how I survive. But there may be a brief interlude where I’m just hanging with my peeps, and not paying attention to whatever the internet is spewing on any particular day, whether it’s in my camp or not.

To loosely quote Prince, “Let’s go crazy; let’s get nuts” and go hang out face to face with the people we love.Thank you Becky, Susan, Mike, Jeff, and Mike’s parents for reminding me of what matters–it’s personal.




  1. “Embrace Your Bubble” and all those in it! Great to hear you’re still in the fight, San.

    P.S.: As far as “everybody’s” opinion: Junk In/Junk Out.

    1. Thanks Geo! That helps a lot. Yes, the Bubble has been taking some big hits lately, but I know in my heart it has good ideas and good people, so shoring up the cracks and keeping focused on what’s good.

  2. That’s great, thank you! The internet is a very distracting place right now, but we can control our little blog corner of it–so keep on writing, sister! Your opinions are definitely an essential part of the Bubble! 🙂

  3. Good call Sandy. I’ve been relying more on print media and longer online pieces, to help pace myself in absorbing and processing news. Like the cliche says, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

    1. Thanks Anya. What sources are you using? That’s another issue–who to believe? Who hasn’t decimated their editorial, fact-checking, copyediting staff?

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