I sat staring at my notebook and screen for a few hours trying to scrape up a post, and all I have to show for it are some have-baked posts that haven’t found their funny yet, a low-functioning brain from a 12-day work project, and a political hangover from not being able to stay away from Facebook, even though I already voted this week. Bad, bad girl! That’s some pretty scary stuff, especially the unfunny draft posts–those are downright frightening.

So Happy Halloween everyone! If this isn’t the scariest Halloween in a while, then I want whatever it is that you’re drinking, eating, or swallowing. And, yes, I just spent 5 minutes searching to see if I should capitalize “Happy.” There were no credible answers, so I’m doing it–that’s how out of sorts I am.

Photo credit: That’s our pumpkin.







  1. Guuurl, you better get it together and start posting funny sh-t again. No more “I got nothin” or recycles masquerading as retrospectives. If you’re still dry on Monday morning, then you do the responsible thing: You call in sick to work. And you stay “sick” until I get my post. 🙂

    Happy Monday, Musie!

    1. Oh, hey, wait a a minute…weren’t you the one who warned me I’d have days like this and it was OK to throw up a picture and call it a day? LOL!

      1. That must’ve been your other friend George from Florida. When it comes to your writing, my needs come first. And I need a laugh to start every Monday!

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