Charlotte’s Web

It’s summer and I’m working on a number of fabulous posts for you all, but, um, yeah, it’s summer, and I’m having too much fun again, so they aren’t ready. But I did come across this little slice of fiction meets reality, or the power of a good story. Now if it weren’t for the book Charlotte’s Web, I would have come upon this creepy little scene, expressed disgust, and backed away slowly. I mean look at that spider’s back end! You could hide a moth in there. But when I saw it, all I could think of was Charlotte’s eggs and how tired she was at the end, and then how all the baby spiders were born. So here you are, not quite an Octo-mom, but at least a Quad-mom–that is one busy spider! So, two sacs are hatching, and two to go. I wonder which three (or three hundred, judging by the size of those things) will stay? Also, now that I think of it I also saw Templeton a few weeks back while sitting on my patio at dusk. Maybe I’ll leave some old newspapers around and see what happens…


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