Cute Hamsters Is All I Got

I’ve been working 15 days straight, and am on day 10 of a big IT go-live. I know, I know, boo hoo, cry me a river. Lots of people work more for longer periods of time, and I salute all of you. I only mention it to say I haven’t a scrap of brain cell left to write a decent blog, so you’re getting a cute hamster instead. Marble will entertain you today by poking his head out of a bag. He is also helping increase the numbers of hamsters on the Internet, of which there are too many cats and dogs. So enjoy, and maybe I’ll get brain cells for next week. Or maybe you’ll get hamster pictures. Cheers!  



  1. San, it looks like you have become part of the American dream: producing more for less.
    In Connecticut we are experiencing the blessings of no new taxes and getting a smaller government. by eliminating 2500 state positions and cutting spending for hospitals, children and education. All thanks to a Democratic governor.

    1. It’s not all that bad yet! 🙂 it’s a project that will end in a few more weeks.i just like complaining and getting sympathy, but you raised me better than that 😉

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