Go Flag Yourself Winter

As you may recall, Boston got a little bit of snow last year. I myself lost my heat in the middle of three ginormous snow storms that dumped a record snowfall on the area and the largest “snow farm” in South Boston didn’t melt until July.

But we’re hardy, if crabby folk here in the Northeast, so I was delighted to see these flags begin appearing on every fire hydrant in my town. Last year there was a real problem with fire crews finding and chopping out the hydrants. The solution? This bad boy flag that is easily 5 feet tall attached to every hydrant. And that little flag? It’s not white for surrender. It’s red and white, like a target. Oh, yeah, we’re throwing down the gauntlet, Winter. Bring it. We’re wicked ready.


  1. Sandy, if you could get through last winter with your humor intact (if not your heat), then you’re good to go!

    And BTW, I hate winter too…..since I have to start wearing t-shirts. Parum-Pum! 😛

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