Anyone else discombobulated from the time change? But before we get into that, let’s give a big round of applause for a fantastic word, discombobulated. Anyone can be “confused”or “disconcerted,” but only we wicked cool people can be discombobulated. Real high-class types, you know.

So, I did have a great weekend with my son, my sisters, and mom meeting up with our favorite aunt we’d lost touch with. I’m withholding her name because she reads this blog, and she said if her name appears, I’m in for it. You can have a favorite aunt and be a little scared of her at the same time. It’s a thing, just sayin’. In the process, I missed Halloween, which I didn’t really miss. My teen has lost interest in trick or treating, and as far as trick or treaters go, my door is around the side of the house and hard to see. So if it’s cold, I press my nose up against the glass of my door and shout uselessly, “Come around here!! Candy here!” If it’s warm, I can leave the door ajar and shout out to the kids as they go by. I’ve learned that either way is kind of creepy for kids, and not in a good Halloweeny type of way. So I didn’t really think about it until, dear lord, all the Facebook posts. Apparently my friends all consist of people with children who are trick or treating age or adults who go to Halloween parties. So I had that weird experience of feeling like I missed out on something, that I actually don’t care about. So that was confusing.

Then during the weekend, I whacked my knee into my car door, because apparently I’m klutzy just randomly enough for me to forget between good whacks. If I were always klutzy, I could get used to it or even be prepared. But months, nay, years can go by without me doing any harm to myself, and then, wham! I’m getting into my car and whack my knee in that spot-on place that makes the pain radiate through your whole body. So after I finished swearing my ass off in front of my kid, we both started laughing because there is really nothing else you can do when the pain knocks the wind out of you. That’s disconcerting.

And I still have my tendinitis, so my hand is bugging me, but I couldn’t in good conscience repost another old post, cuz I love you guys that much. Perhaps after reading this one, you’ll wish I had.

And, finally, the clocks were turned back, which, when you really think about it, is just plain strange. So I’m discombobulated, and this is what you get.

I’ll try to recombobulate this week and write my more usual nonsense post next week. In the meantime, happy bobulating!




  1. Cid! You need to go to Milwaukee – immediately! There is a “Recombobulation Area” on the gate side of the TSA security area. It’s especially welcome in the middle of a January blizzard. Just sayin’….

  2. How about this? Instead of the usual, physical typing and the strain on your hands, why not use Google voice translation?!? Just saying. Never miss a blog!

    1. You are right! I did try it once, and found it a very different writing process that was a lot harder for me. My brain and fingers and keyboard seem to be bonded! I do think I just have to practice it more–could be an interesting experiment to see if it makes me write different things! I also thought I can try to make a video…we’ll see!

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