And the Repairman Sayeth “Let There Be Heat”

And lo, there was heat. For those of you who have been following my no-heat saga for the past two posts (and the checks are being cut and sent, I swear, scouts honor), at the three-week mark on Thursday, I decided I had given my landlord and his, er, colleague enough time to fix the heat and there had been enough of a series of unfortunate events. Wait for it…I called a professional heating company, imagine that! On Friday they came to my house, at the appointed time, diagnosed the problem, spent a little bit of time tracking down the correct part, went and fetched it, came back, replaced it, and then fixed two other things all by lunchtime. My landlord was gobsmacked, and also agreed to foot the bill. I don’t know what else to tell him, except that maybe friends and heating jobs don’t mix.

But there seems to be a controversy around me using my lack of heat for three blogs. The National Blog League (NBL) is investigating me for possible misconduct in allowing the lack of heat to go on for three weeks. They are alleging I did it to get more blog posts and that I could have called in professionals at any time to get my heat. I would like to say, absolutely, I followed all the rules of blogging to the letter. I did not invent my lack of heat, nor did I inflate the length of time I went without heat merely for my own blogging use. Sometimes the environment can influence a topic, like lack of heat. My landlord said his friend would fix it. His friend also told me he would fix it. Whatever they said there, is what I believed they would say here. I believed them because I am not a heating expert, and we all know that heat is a function of a working furnace. So, in no way did I extend the no heat situation to improve my blogging. It’s really a scientific thing, the restarting of the furnace, and I’m a writer, so what would I know about it, really? How would I know when the right time to call in another heating person?

Thank you everyone for your support during this trying time, and I assure you and the NBL that next week’s blog post will be on a fresh topic. Heat does wonders for your ability to think.

Oh, and I have to say these sorts of thing in order to not get kicked out of Massachusetts: Congrats Pats! Your balls are the best ever!


  1. That heating company guy intercepting the problem at the last moment in your “I am at the end” zone and winning this game was utterly amazing. All Boston was cheering in the streets, horns honking.

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