Hamphrey Says Happy Holidays

Hamphrey not only still believes in Santa, he actually believes he IS Santa. And I say, any hamster who survives surgery that cost three figures has the chutzpah to think whatever the heck he wants. I can’t say he has the cojones because, well, that’s what the surgery was for. It was a life-threatening situation I assure you, and he’s just as manly as he ever was and has become very wise. Anyway, Hamphrey would like to wish you all peace and happiness in whatever holiday you choose or don’t choose to participate in and urges you not to feel guilty for any of your choices. Life’s too short for such things–you never know when you’re gonna wake up and need to have a body part edited.

A safe and happy holiday or unholiday to all my readers. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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