The Boston (World) Marathon

I have mixed feelings today about the Boston Marathon. Living in the area, I’ve been in the midst of the memorial events, moving stories, and the 24-hour news cycle rehash for a few weeks now. As you learned from my previous post, I’m squeamish and highly sensitive, so in the face of the marathon today, I’m sad, disturbed, proud, worried, angry, and optimistic. I’m thinking of all the other people who have died of violence outside of the marathon, and reaching down deep for resiliency, and not feeling the least bit humorous. To quote Elvis Costello, what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

So instead I’m posting about a webpage and app issued by the Boston Marathon folks that lets you take part in the marathon where ever you are. It may be a little late to do any running before the marathon starts as the app suggests—the mobility impaired participants start at 8:50 am EST today, with everyone else following in stages by 10 am. But you can see who did sign up from all over the world and where they ran and their distances. Something about the world joining together virtually today helps me feel better about all this. Thanks for joining in.


Image Credit: Screenshot from iTunes App Store

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