Gahden 2023, Here We Come

Technically the season may have started with my hydroponic gahden, which I will blog about soon. Life’s getting in the way again though, so this week you get a pichah of the little planted jilo seeds. I probably should have waited until something actually came up, but this is all I got. No fancy grow lights, just my south facing little window, reused seed trays, and water spritzing. Fingers crossed! I also spent a ridiculous, but calming amount of time plotting out the garden, pot placement, and a planting schedule, because let’s face it, I can’t remember my thoughts a second after I think them — those poor plants don’t have a chance unless I write it down. Let the gahden shenanigans begin!

Graphic credit: Amazon


  1. “plotting out the garden, pot placement, and a planting schedule”

    This project keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. When are you buying a tractor?

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